Autumn strolls on by!

The woods November 2014

Our trees are almost bare – a first for November, since we have lived here anyway. We usually lose our leaves in December and last year just  before Christmas. It has been fascinating as I enjoy my early morning stroll into the woods with  the dogs  to encounter a new carpet crunching under foot. Firstly the Ash, then the Willow, beech, Hazel and now Oak leaves – unfortunately the rain has dampened them into a slippery mulch so its not so much crunching as squelching. There are a few Beech and Oak leaves hanging on the end of their branches but very few and after today’s heavy rain they’ll be lucky to stay put.

Purple leaves of the lace cap Rhodendron!

It has been pretty wet the last few weeks filling up the reservoirs and rivers after our long dry Summer.  Although yesterday, Sunday,  presented the perfect weather. Blue sky and sunshine, a much needed boost after several wet days.  Our cottages have been busy with guests snuggling down in front of a roaring fire with a good book, film or their laptops  to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday or short winter break.

Christmas is nearly booked up with only the Stables left to fill. In the last few days we’ve had a flurry of bookings for next year so, if you are thinking of Darrynane for your holiday in 2015 and have dates and a cottage in mind nows the time to make that reservation  before someone else gets in first. We ask for a 1/3rd deposit to secure your holiday and balance 8 weeks before arrival.

Frodo in a quieter moment!

For those who know us well you’ll see a difference in our driveway next time you visit. Frodo has a tendency when hearing voices or dogs in the cottages to make a visit. Unfortunately as we live on a lane with occasional traffic it is not good. He doesn’t understand the danger and  we can’t wait until he’s grown out of this phase – which understanding Frodo maybe a very long time. So we are having gates fitted on our driveway to give us peace of mind and keep Frodo in the garden, we can’t blame Merlin as he doesn’t show the same inclinations and comes back every time we call. So next time you visit and want a stroll around the garden or use the washing machines and dryers you will have a gate to open and close  If you encounter either Frodo or Merlin you will certainly be  welcomed in – Frodo will probably do a little dance as he gets so excited when he meets people!


Merlin, 7 months looking pensive!

The garden is still full of surprises after the mild weather we’ve had of late. I  counted 3 roses, half a dozen primroses and saw  purple rhododendron leaves, this morning. Everyone I talk to is speculating on what sort of a winter we will have this year, I’m more focused on next Summer – I want it to be as good as this one!

We wish you a great run up to Christmas – try not to get too stressed and if you fancy a pre-Christmas break to chill before the big event give us a call or email.

Best wishes,


Angela & David



Article by Darrynane on 17/11/2014 Read more articles like this