A snowy Darrynane waterfall, not seen very often in the last 20 years

The snow arrives at Darrynane!

The snow arrived at Darrynane yesterday. After a slow start it picked up pace during the afternoon and left us with several inches of the white stuff. The dogs love it and have been frolicking around in it this morning. Unfortunately it has left us with a slippery road to  encounter.

Doggies enjoying the snow!

Our guests, due to arrive today, have either postponed or decided to come later in the week.

The road at Darrynane!

The road at Darrynane!

Our on line booking system is still experiencing technical problems so please contact if you wish to make a booking.

Have fun in the snow but stay safe and warm!

Bes wishes,


Angela & David


Article by Darrynane on 02/03/2018 Read more articles like this