Spring time on Bodmin Moor!

Most days of the year I walk on Bodmin moor with our two dogs. It is an exhilarating place come wind, rain, hail or sunshine but not without its challenges as I find myself circumnavigating a herd of cows with their young who have covered ground incredibly quickly in my direction, yet Spring time on the moor is quite wonderful.

I set off with the Cuckoo calling in a nearby copse, Skylarks twittering overhead, the dogs meandering from bush to bush, sniffing as they go,  before hurtling in another direction and I suddenly stumble upon a small patch of wild flowers. Perhaps tiny purple orchids, pretty yellow daisies much smaller than my little finger nail or white flowers with delicate perfectly formed petals – it always makes me smile. The Hawthorne tree groans with its May blossoms covering the tree with white or pink flowers.

Young moorland foal!

Shetland Foal on Bodmin Moor!

This year cows have wintered on the moor, the first time for a few years, as sheep and cows have traditionally been taken into the fields during the colder months. Now everyday I see a great change as young appear in their droves.  Beautiful miniature ponies, lay on the

ground protected by their mothers, a nursery of calves sleep under the watchful gaze of their parents, lambs bleat in the fields,  occasionally sliding under the field gate inquisitive to see the other side and moorland pony foals trot up to Frodo to see if he’s friend or foe – he loves it.

Every season offers a different view on  Bodmin moor but I think Spring time in May and June is so special as foals, calves and lambs all become an integral part of its charm and a lovely place to explore.

We are enjoying a very busy time at the moment but we have a couple of short breaks available in August at The Stables (Friday 10th – Monday 13th August) and Lakeside cottage (Monday 20th – Friday 24th August).  Alternatively you could extend your week to include the short break. If this sounds interesting give us a call or email for more details.

Enjoy this lovely weather!


Best wishes,


Angela & David





Article by Darrynane on 04/06/2018 Read more articles like this