Autumn Splendour at Darrynane!

An early evening November sky at Darrynane

Trees slowly taking on Autumn hues.

Smoke trails meander lazily through golden branches.  Pampas flowers stand proud swaying gently in the breeze, and the jewel in our  Autumn garden, the Acer glowing bright red whether rain or shine.

Looking out over the woods an Ash and Cherry are completely bare whereas  an Oak in the distance is still green and the hazel nearby is just tinged with yellow. The Chestnut tree in St Breward Churchyard was a very funny sight recently. It had lost all its’ leaves on the west  side yet was completely green facing east. Unfortunately I did not have a camera!

We have  witnessed some magnificent skies this year. The photo above left, taken from our balcony in early November shows a fabulous evening sunset. The night sky has been spectacular too. One morning last week I happened to be out at 5.00 am, I know well we do have a puppy, and wow  looking up into a jet black sky, not a cloud in sight and covered with a mass of twinkling stars every constellation imaginable – a really great distraction from the early morning call.

Frodo 14 weeks old sitting to attention!


Pebbles and Frodo are both doing well. We are incorporating a swim for Pebbles during or after our walks at Delphi or in the Camel on our river walk. He has always loved the water and as he uses all his joints it helps his body which is a bit stiff. He certainly seems happier for it too. Frodo is growing madly, now 14 weeks old. He loves the moor. He has a little harness and when he sees me getting it out he gets very excited as he knows he’s off for a stomp either around here exploring the woods or on the moor. One of the benefits of having an older dog , it has shown Frodo how to behave. When he first arrived and we needed to transport him we put a cage in the car. This is impossible with two dogs but as Pebbles lays quietly in the back so does Frodo – most impressive.  At the moment all is good.

Sad news, Pebbles had to be put to sleep on Wednesday 20th November. He had been failing for some months and rallied marvellously after Frodo arrived giving him and us an extra couple of months or so. Unfortunately with old age this was only temporary. He was a most fantastic friend and part of the family for nearly 13 years – he will be greatly missed.

Pebbles patiently waiting as always!

We have been busy in Lakeside cottage this month decorating the lounge/kitchen/ dining area. It is looking very smart. We have also completed remedial work to the exterior  and added an outside tap for dog or car washing – some people do on holiday – as well as watering plant pots and the hanging basket. I haven’t updated the photos yet and we have guests in for two weeks so it will have to be after that!

The Beech tree looking stunning!

I’m delighted to report that we have been very busy this Autumn with new and returning guests and still having bookings  in to December. Christmas and New Year are also filling up so if you are thinking of a festive treat which involves getting away from it all give us a call on 01208 850885 or email for more details.

Enjoy the rest of Autumn 2013,


Angela & David Clark


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