A Jolly Good June!

June floated in on a  bright dollop of sunshine and it’s continued throughout until now. We really  are needing a splash of rain and it’s certainly giving us that but it’s forecast to clear next week  and yesterday it cleared up in the afternoon so we were able to BBQ last night.

Magnificent Cornish PalmCheeky Clematis

It’s been a great month for our guests – many pottering around the locality enjoying long dry walks. At the beginning of the month we all enjoyed the Royal Cornwall show. Meish and I went one afternoon for a few hours but all our guests had tickets for the three days. Penny & John participated with their honey, honey cake and Bow and all came away with prizes – Penny won the cup again. Janet and Tom showed their dogs who left with a 2nd and 4th. Paddy & Mel just enjoyed the atmosphere and wandering around. The weather stayed fine which all helps make a great show.


I thought the garden had been good in May but June has been just as spectacular.  The Cornish Palm flowered for the second year running. The perfume from the  honeysuckle and Jasmin wafts around each  evening  making gardening a dream. The clematis outside our front door has been admired many times and the rose outside the Lodge is magnificent for the first time in many years.


The Lodge rose!

Frodo and I have been enjoying many walks around the area and especially along the River Camel. Unfortunately he is not a water dog, not yet anyway. He will get his paws wet but not much more. He fell in yesterday – I was hopeful that a doggy paddle may appear – no luck, one startled wet dog jumped out as quickly as possible and wouldn’t go near the water again. I’ll persevere!

Frodo in the undergrowth


The River Camel


After a busy year to date we are a little quieter now so if anyone fancies a break don’t hesitate to contact either myself or David – we’re always around somewhere closeby.



We wish you a great summer and look forward to seeing those who are booked in in the next few weeks.

Best wishes,


Angela & David Clark



Article by Darrynane on 27/06/2014 Read more articles like this