Out and About around St Breward, Bodmin Moor

Moorland Sheep Shearing!

Out on my daily walk with the dogs in July, I parked on  Candra and walked over Alex Tor. As I  descended towards Camperdown I noticed a group of Land Rovers parked haphazardly in a field below, sheep were congregated all around. At first I thought they were dipping, but soon realised they had set up a shearing pen. As we drew closer I snapped the sheep, before they were sheared,  getting a hair cut and most importantly their after shots.  A lovely scene – I got a thumbs up from the shearers for taking photos.




The Shearing Party!


With a smile I continued our  walk towards Brown Willy farm, with Brown Willy in the foreground to my left and Rough Tor to my right a beautiful landscape to be surrounded by.

Brown Willy with black clouds overhead!

I then veered to the right and we made our way back to the car over King Arthur’s downs and lastly through Middle Candra.  A dark cloud edged with blue sky in every direction, dispensed several spots of rain and followed us all the way around, but we didn’t mind. The dogs were in their element with their balls being thrown in various directions throughout the walk. I must be mad but I love it as much as they do. I can’t wait for the next one.

Rough Tor!

It took us just under 2 hours to walk but bare in mind I was walking throwing and picking up balls!

Enjoy your walks and go explore!




Article by Darrynane on 14/07/2017 Read more articles like this