October sees more paws at Darrynane!

October came in with a splash and an addition to our family. Four extra paws arrived in early October and have taken over the house, literally, as toys scatter the kitchen floor and newspapers litter the lounge carpet! Happily it has given Pebbles a new lease of life. If he sees me carrying Frodo out of the front door he’s there right behind me. If I try to get Pebbles outside on his owns its  the devil’s own job.Although different breeds, Pebbles a Springer, Frodo a Cocker, their colouring and markings are very similar. When we first met Frodo, when he was 4 weeks old, his back was completely white now 9 weeks old he has speckles appearing daily. A joyous and great addition for Autumn – we can’t wait to introduce him to Bodmin Moor and we have already earmarked many walks we  shall be accompanying  him on.

Our new pup Frodo.

I’m sure you’ll all meet him over the coming years.

We’ve started making sure  Pebbles gets a daily swim. He’s always enjoyed water but recently we’ve been taking him  to Delphi or down the river walk opposite the camel trail. He is mentally happier and his body also seems less stiff. We have to be careful he’ll chase logs and sticks all day even though his body won’t allow.

Pebbles playing with his favourite log!

After a really good summer welcoming regulars, returning and new guests who enjoyed a really good sunny, warm time, we are delighted that we are still busy with guests who are having a lovely time this Autumn. We have availability over the winter period so if you are thinking of a short break or longer winter trip don’t forget we’re open all year and for Christmas and New Year too!


Enjoy the rest of the fall!

Angela & David and family


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