October Oddities!

Autumn Colours!

Underneath the Beech trees, in our woods, have become the happy place for our dogs, who like nothing better than chasing one another in and out and around the huge trunks with or without a stick in mouth.  Each day, early in the morning, as I saunter behind them I have noticed the depth of the leaves that lie around my feet. Last year the leaves stayed put until nearly Christmas when they all seemed to fall at once causing mayhem on the lanes around here. Yet this October the leaves have turned golden, red and brown and are falling daily. Many trees are already bare, and here lies the anomaly – the temperature. It looks like its cold and damp, well it is damp at times but it’s so mild it feels like summer. Friday, changeover day, I looked out the bedroom window to gauge the  weather and grabbed my winter garb, jeans, t shirt, another top and fleece. After racing around between cottages, stripping beds, stuffing the washing machine, hoovering etc. etc., I found myself sweating buckets. Guests are talking about how strange it feels with Autumn colours and summer heat. I’m not complaining it’s been  great this year to enjoy months of summer sun and warmth and long may it continue.

Our Autumn has been fab with cottages busy throughout September and October and November’s booking up nicely too with many promising to   return in January.  We are now into our 17th year and the best part of 2014 is undoubtedly  the large amount of  returners we have seen this year. I would estimate 95% of our guests have been before. Many come year on year or every other year, yet this year we have welcomed guests who

After a bumper crop a few small ones left for the garden wildlife!

visited 8 or more years ago – it’s wonderful and thank you – it’s a nice feeling to know we are doing something right.

Christmas is booking up this year with returners who came many years ago and next year has started filling too.

Frodo and Merlin, our two Cocker Spaniels, take up a good deal of time as they develop their typical Spaniel behaviour. Frodo is a grass is always greener type of dog. Whenever he sees or hears another person, dog or whatever he wants to be there, quickly. He loves agility  and I think once he gets his  head totally focused will be good at it. Merlin is 6 months old nearly 7, and different. He is happy to be with me – he is showing signs of liking birds, especially crows – plentiful on the moor – but doesn’t go too far in the distance. I am sure I may regret writing this in the future.  We have a couple of lunge ropes which are perfect for walking them on the moor and around here they can run and play as much as they want.

Darrynane Woods!

The children are growing up and away. Tim is enjoying life and work in Bristol and has started his Bat handling Certificate, which will offer more opportunities for him in his chosen field. Sibby is settled and enjoying Rick Stein’s Cafe having won an a recognition award last month and beginning to attend training courses. Ameisha is working hard on her A2’s. She is looking at universities and we have been to visit a couple with more  planned. She is doing a Queens Guide Expedition this weekend, walking from Padstow to Looe via Fowey. I just hope the weather stays fine, her feet intact and her backpack, with her worldly belongings,  keeps dry.

Thank you to those we have seen this year and those booked to come back again many thanks too.

Enjoy the rest of the Autumn!

Best wishes,


Angela & David





Article by Darrynane on 25/10/2014 Read more articles like this