A Sweet Nature Tale!

As David, the dogs and I were working in Darrynane woods yesterday afternoon, Sunday mid May we suddenly heard a terrible commotion. We all turned to look up to the sky and saw two adult Crows squabbling, or so it seemed.  The squawking and cawing continued until a Buzzard alighted fr
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Carol, The Stables May 2016

We had the most relaxing fabulous holiday whilst visiting nearby relatives.  My two border collies especially had a great time and particularly loved the waterfall.  So good having peace of mind the garden is dog proof so they could wander in the garden as they pleased.  The Stables w
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2016 so far!

I can’t believe we’re in mid May already. It has been a very busy year to date. We’ve been gallivanting around Cornwall finding new treasures and enjoying many of the ones we know. We’ve also had a project of decorating and updating both in the cottages and at
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